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The scope of applications for closed cell insulation as a protective coatings are virtually limitless. Industrial insulation applications spread the spectrum to include roofing, wall, cold storage, tanks, commercial, oil & gas, agriculture, equipment, energy, education, military, and water, just to name a few.

Closed cell insulation is comprised of spray polyurethane foam (SPF), which is made of cementitious or polyurethane materials, and applied using a spray gun
machine. SPF is ideal for irregularly shaped areas, around obstructions, or can be used to add insulation over existing finished areas.

SPF, when installed properly, will reduce heating and cooling costs by keeping cool weather inside the building and reducing heat losses. It is our product of choice for industrial below grade and above the ground applications, because it is a seamless system that has an R-value of 6.5 per inch, offering high levels of thermal resistance that minimize heat transfer and satisfy new building codes that increasingly support insulation on the outside of a structure.

Interior/Exterior Wall Insulation

  • New wall cavities
  • Unfinished attic floors
  • Enclosed existing walls
  • Ceilings
  • Exterior walls

Below Ground Insulation

  • Can be applied at low temp
  • Adds impact resistant
  • Higher R-value per inch
  • Lower vapor permeance
  • Adds bond strength
  • Adds water resistance

Silo Insulation

  • Silos storage containers
  • Wine tanks / cold storage
  • Fumigation / clean room
  • Interior/exterior walls
  • Chemical containment