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Metal Roof Restoration System


Our Hayesco metal roof waterproofing and restoration system is a terrific and economical alternative to polyurethane foam, where a metal roof already exists. Almost all metal roofs will develop leaks in just a few years, due to the thermal expansion and contraction cycle. Problems usually develop where fasteners back out, lap seams hold moisture and begin to rust, at penetrations around air conditioning, evaporative coolers, and where personnel improperly walk on roof breaking ribs.

Our metal roof waterproofing and restoration system carries a 10-year non-pro rated leak free warranty. We have been providing this system for over 12 years with excellent results for our customers, all of who are satisfied, and most of who are totally delighted.

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Cost is the number one reason that our customers chose this roof however, post install our customers realized that the system not only solved their leaky roof problems, but the coating has also has proven to be one of the most energy efficient solutions they’ve purchased. In fact, cost savings on energy requirements and consumption has decreased so drastically the return on investment is most often months and not years.